Alex Ruiz architecture and visualization is a studio focused on representing unbuilt architecture in a unique way. 

The importance of the final image is as vital as it is the process itself. The renderings are necessary for feedback on volumetry, shapes, materiality,.... A good image is based on a perfect harmony and balance of every piece, and this will have a huge positive influence on the real building.

The aim of Alex Ruiz architecture and visualization is to provide excitement in the processes where architecture is involved.

There is also a will to go on building real architecture in order to maintain the connection with reality.  After years working and learning from some cutting edge architecture studios such as EMBT Miralles-Tagliabue (Spain), Batlle i Roig (Spain), Haag&Baquet architectes (France) and LKS (Spain), the love for design and construction is so big that it is impossible to give it away.


The ability to explain a proposal visually is what makes the real difference.  A good project needs to be understandable for a jury, clients or investors. Once they see the whole potential of your ideas at their best, there will be a joint excitement for building the project.

I also need other hobbies in order to keep high motivation in my daily work.


I am a nature lover and I try to get out of the city everytime I can. Even if I have an orchard at home there is nothing better than climbing and skiing to refresh my mind!

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